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Why choose International Health Care?


International Health Care is a member of Rejsegarantifonden. Furthermore, our surgeons and hospitals are all internationally recognized for their experiences and great results. They are all insurance covered if any complications – in contrary to expectations – should occur.


International Health Care does not compromise with quality. On the contrary, we prioritize quality and our hospitals only utilize specially trained staff with wide experience in treating Danish and western European patients. Furthermore, we use the most recent technology and internationally recognized surgeons and professors.


Our hospitals are far more inexpensive than Danish clinics/hospitals. Savings at 50%, compared to Denmark, are common.

No waiting lists

With International Health Care you skip the waiting lists. It is well-known that hospitals in Denmark have long waiting lists. Choose us, and you can avoid them. We can schedule your treatment at your own request.


Though our treatments take place abroad, it is often possible to receive reimbursements from your home country.


International Health Care has made arrangements with Sparbank Vest, on interest-free or low-interest loans to our clients.

Simple and easy

Fill out the order form on this site, and we will take care of the rest. Our guide is with you from start to end.


Our service minded travel consultants are available by phone +45 | 35 38 77 77 if you have any unanswered questions. You are also welcome to contact us by filling out this form...

LASIK travel, 4 or 7 days

  • FREE preliminary exams in Denmark
  • Airfare roundtrip
  • Local transportation (airport, hotel, hospital)
  • Two screenings of your eyes
  • LASIK treatment of both eyes
  • Zyoptix-Wavefront (newest technology)
  • Stay at hotel and ¼ board
  • Guide on the entire trip
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Price- and quality guarantee
  • Suitability guarantee (if you are not a candidate for treatment, we will make a full refund)
  • Safety – we are members of the "Rejsegarantifonden"!
€ 2,000,-
Normal price in Danmark:
€ 5,600,-

Breast Augmentation

Implants: Contour Profile Cohesive Gel, Mentor

Guarantee for Life!
€ 3,350,-
Normal Price in Denmark:
€ 4,900,-

Liposuction 1

  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Knees (back and front)
€ 4,000,-
Normal price in Denmark:
€ 8,000,-
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